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Summer trekking in Carpathians

Please note that the folowing are general proposals, but we can organize tours in any mountain areas from Romania, at request.

Ciucas Mountains

1. The departure is made from Muntele Rosu (Red Mountain), up to Gropsoarele Saddle from where our trail continues towards the main target, Zaganu Peak. From the top we can see all the main ridge of Ciucas Mountains, all the East area and a part of the Teleajan Valley. Our way goes on to Cheia Village, by Zaganu sheepfold.

2. The departure starts from Rosu Mountain Chalet, we reach Valea Berii, and after a sustained climbing we will reach Ciucas Hut. Here we have a viewing point towards Ciucas Mountains, in the Tigailor area and towards Gropsoarele. We continue the way to the highest peak in the massive, Ciucas peak. On the way, we find some of the Ciucas megaliths. We continue the way to Bratocea Sphinx traveling through Bratocea ridge. From Bratocea Sphinx, the trail will continue downwards to Bratocea Pass and further to Cheia Village. The trail needs real good physical condition.

Bucegi Mountains

1. The route starts from Busteni town. From here we take the cableway to Babele Chalet where we can see the Babele and Sphinx megaliths. The route follows the line of Bucegi Plateau till close to Omu Peak (the highest in this massive). We reach “Cerdac” from where we have a beautiful landscape over the Cerbului si Morarului valleys with its famous cliffs “Coltii Morarului” (The Miller’s Fangs). The trail climbs to Omu Peak from where we have an excellent viewing point over Cerbului valley and over the northern part of the area, Barsei country and the mountains around Bucegi (on good weather). From here we descend to Bran, Moeciu or Şimon.

Piatra Craiului

1. The route starts from Zarnesti, from Gura Raului Chalet and goes towards Curmatura Hut through the famous gorges area Prapastiile Zarnestilor. The road continues to Curmatura Ridge to the chalet with the same name. From Curmatura Hut we climb down to Zarnesti through Crapatura Valley.

2. The route starts from Plaiul Foii Chalet to the highest peak in the massive, La Om, through the area called La Zaplaz and further on to La Om Peak. From here we continue our way to Ascutit Peak following the line of the Piatra Craiului ridge. We pass the place called La Timbale and we continue our way to Ascutit Peak. After a beautiful panorama, we descend through Padinile Frumoase towards Curmatura Hut. From here we descend towards the Zarnesti Village either through the Crapatura valley or Botorog Fountain according to your choice, but also according to the time. It is a recommended route to those in good physical conditions. Not recommended in case of bad weather.

Fagaras Mountains

1. The route starts from Sambata Hut and constantly climbs through Sambata glacial circus towards the crest line, which you can reach in Fereastra Sambetei point. From here, we follow the crest line reaching the highest peak in Romania, Moldoveanu. Further on, we continue our way to Podragu Saddle and from here, to the hut with the same name.






2. The trail starts from Podragu Hut and climbs the crest line. By reaching the crest line, we will follow it to Balea Chalet, passing through the Fereastra Zmeilor passage, Capra glacial circus and Capra Lake. The route requires a very good physical condition.

3. The trail starts near Balea chalet, up to sadller Paltinu, crosses a part of ridge of Fagaras, until the Caltun lake. From there we go to the second high peak in Romania, Negoiu peak. After that our trip go to Negoiu chalet.

Retezat Mountains

1. The departure is made from Pietrele Hut (“Stones” Hut), climbing Pietrele Valley to Saua de Iarna. From there we climb to Bucura 2 Peak. We begin the descent and the return to Pietrele chalet on Stanisoarei Valley. This route is recommended to those with good physical condition.

2. The route starts from Pietrele Hut, follows Pietrele Valley and Bucura ridge. Once we reach this point, we continue the climbing to the highest peak in Retezat massive, Peleaga peak. The retreat will be made by Valea Rea (Mean Valley) towards Pietrele Hut. This route is recommended to those with very good physical condition.

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