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Ski Touring

Ski Touring, also known as ski mountaineering, combines the technical pleasures of alpine skiing with the freedom of cross-country. Part of the thrill of touring is the feeling of self-reliance and solitude offered by penetrating deep into the mountains. Ski Touring is very popular in the Alps and has gained many fans also in the Carpathian's. Bucegi mountains are particularly appealing for ski touring. This is due to the plateau at 2000m altitude that creates a great cross country type of environment. From here you can have great descents towards Prahova Valley, on a wide variety of routes, from mild ones, in Sinaia area, to very difficult ones (around 1500m vertical drop), in the region of Omu Peak. Another great feature is that one day trips can be easily made in this region. The access to the top of the plateau is facilitated by the cable cars in Sinaia and Busteni (depending what area of the mountain you are planning to tour). You can enjoy various routes at altitude and exit the mountain at the end of the day on the valley of your choice. At the end of the day you can relax in the comfortable lodging you have in Sinaia or Busteni. Of course, longer trips can be also planned. This means that the skier has to sleep in one of the huts at the top of the mountain. Most of them are open during winter, so a several days tour can be made.

Bucegi Mountains

The route starts from Busteni town. From here we take the cableway to Babele Chalet where we can see the Babele and Sphinx megaliths. The route follows the line of Bucegi Plateau till close to Omu Peak (the highest in this massive). We reach “Cerdac” from where we have a beautiful landscape over the Cerbului si Morarului valleys with its famous cliffs “Coltii Morarului” (The Miller’s Fangs). The trail climbs to Omu Peak from where we have an excellent viewing point over Cerbului valley and over the northern part of the area, Barsei country and the mountains around Bucegi (on good weather).

Ciucas Mountains

The departure starts from Rosu Mountain Chalet, we reach Valea Berii, and after a sustained climbing we will reach Ciucas Hut. Here we have a viewing point towards Ciucas Mountains, in the Tigailor area and towards Gropsoarele. We continue the way to the highest peak in the massive, Ciucas peak. On the way, we find some of the Ciucas megaliths. We continue the way to Bratocea Sphinx traveling through Bratocea ridge. From Bratocea Sphinx, the trail will continue downwards to Bratocea Pass and further to Cheia Village. The trail needs real good physical condition.

Retezat Mountains

The departure is made from Pietrele Hut (“Stones” Hut), climbing Pietrele Valley to Saua de Iarna. From there we climb to Bucura 2 Peak. We begin the descent and the return to Pietrele chalet on Stanisoarei Valley. This route is recommended to those with good physical condition.

At request, other ski touring routes are available!






























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